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The Mystery Blogger Award!


Hello everyone and welcome to.... The Mystery Blogger Award!!
I would like to thank Quinley from Q's Creative Corner for nominating me, here is the link to her blog: Please be sure to go and check her out and show her lots of love. 

The Rules

1. Have Mystery Blogger Award logo on your blog.

2. Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award. Please go check out her blog: 

3. Thank the blogger that nominated you, as well as have a link to their blog.

4. Answer the 5 questions the blogger who nominated you gave you.

5. Tell your viewers 3 things about yourself.

6. Share the link to your best blog post.

7. Choose 10-20 bloggers to nominate and notify them that they were nominated.

8. Ask your nominees 5 questions, including 1 weird and funny one.

9. Continue the chain :)

Three facts about me

1. My favorite book genre is mystery.

2. I LOVE video games.

3. I still sleep with my favorite stuffed animal.

My Best Blog Post

For me personally, my favorite of my blog posts it would have to be.

3 Valentine's Day DIY's for American Girl Dolls, link: 


Christmas Time is Here: Photoshoot, link: 

1. Who is your favorite American Girl Doll and why?
I would assume you mean out of the dolls that I have. This is impossibly I love them all, but if I had to pick one It would probably be Caroline. I think ever since I got her she has always been my favorite, and to be honest I don't really know why (don't tell the other dolls I said that)

2. Do you like any other 18 inch dolls that aren't made by AG?
I wouldn't say I particularly like or dislike 18 inch dolls from different brands, but I do tend to like AG dolls better (hopefully that answered your question)

3. What Retired dolls do you think AG should bring back, and why?
I personal think they should bring back the Historical Best Friend dolls or Cecile and Marie Grace. For me the Historical Best Friend dolls are some of my favorite AG historical dolls, and it just seemed like such a good idea. I also think that the Historical Best Friend dolls were very important to the other Historical Dolls story's And for Cecile and Marie Grace, I mean come on it's pretty obvious they are just gorgeous dolls and there stories were pretty interesting.

4. If you were to create an AG doll (or any other type of doll) , what would your doll's story be? And what would your doll be like?
My AG doll would probably be a singer, but not just any singer she would be a musical singer, and she has really bad stage fright but loves to perform will she accomplish her dreams? Now personalty wise she will be very shy and funny. 

5. If you could own any of the clothes that your dolls have in your size, which one would you like to have and why? 

If you guys remember last year for christmas I got this outfit for my AG dolls and I am obsessed with it, it is so cute and simple but also very fancy. I love it so yeah that is the outfit I would pick to wear. 

I nominate;


Requiem Art Designs, link:

My Questions: 

1. What is your favorite AG doll (or and doll brand really) christmas outfit or set?

2. What is the weirdest doll post you've ever made?

3. What is your favorite doll brand and why?

4. What made you want to start a blog?

5. Do you like to customize/fix dolls? why or why not?


  1. I loved reading your answers. :) I wish they would bring back the best friend dolls too.

  2. This is so awesome!! Thanks so very much for tagging me! I'll do this as soon as I can! :D
    -Katie :)

  3. Thank you Quinley and Katie for the sweet comments, I really enjoy reading them :)

  4. Also Katie, Your welcome :) Your one of the few people who are doing the tag so I really appreciate it


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